Sunday, January 26, 2014

Throw away dog

REST IN PEACE, STETSON  You were loved for most of your life.
Stetson was conveniently diagnosed with Cushings Disease and euthanized on January 27.  IF indeed he had Cushings, it is a disease that is definitely treatable but the rather affluent family that owned him chose not to.

The nineteen year old just came by the house all a dither because her mom was making her feel badly.  There's a Boston Terrier that lives in her mother's household, Stetson.   The dog has been in that family for eight years.  Over the past two months, the terrier has been acting in an unusual way...defecating, urinating, vomiting all in the wrong places and eating things it shouldn't.   The nineteen year old's mother has blamed it on Kait because she moved out.  She moved out of that house nearly 7 months ago.  This behavior began a couple of months ago, as I already said. The mom says if this behavior doesn't stop, she was going to have the dog put down.

In that two months, Kait's step dad and brother were in a serious accident (head on crash by someone who was texting and driving).  There was an extensive hospital stay by both--one of them 150 miles away in Portland.  That necessitated the dog being left alone for a long period.  There have been multiple doctor visits since the wreck and hospitalization.  Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went during that time.  I don't know how it was celebrated but that's always an uproar for a pet.  The son was given a brand new puppy after Christmas--chocolate lab--which more than likely took a LOT of attention away from the already confused and befuddled animal.  Is there any wonder why Stetson is having behavior issues?

Kait works for the local humane society.   She has her own dog (a rescue) who absolutely adores her and the feeling is mutual. Kait's mother wanted her to get rid of Bindy so she could take the terrier.  Fortunately for Bindy, she is Kait's forever dog.  There's no way she'll go anywhere without her owner. Her mother has sold off most of the animals that Kait has had since childhood for one reason or another - leaving Kait without a forever pet that was HERS. Her mother wants her to treat her Bindy the same way.  I think her work and her future vocation as a veterinary assistant has a lot to do with this mindset that her mother has. 

Kait has offered to foster the terrier until a new home can be found.  The mother told her she doesn't want the dog "to go to just anyone."   BUT she's willing to euthanize it?   Go figure.

I work with the humane society on the periphery.  I hear lots of stories like this.  Those of you who are friends of Maryann's on Facebook have seen many, MANY posts about abandoned animals.  This is a story too often told.   Stetson hasn't ever been in another house other than the one he grew up in.  He hasn't been around many other dogs.  He has been around horses because that's what that family does.

I can't imagine giving an animal a home and deciding on a whim that it has to go because of problems without trying to find the reason for its issues -- especially after eight years AND especially when the reasons for its problems are so obvious.  He was taken to the local vet and after a series of tests was declared healthy.  What sort of vet wouldn't question the issues behind the behavior?  AND this particular vet has an assistant who specializes in behavior problems.  Sigh.

As many of my readers know, any animal here becomes a part of the family.   Most of my readers feel that way about their dogs, cats, horses and so on or would if they had them. I have to question the mentality of any person who is willing to throw away a friend that has devoted its life to them with love that is totally unconditional (other than the care and attention it needs). We would go without to make sure the animal is comfortable and happy.  We have.

I realize there are times when the fit isn't right between the pet and the owner.  I know that sometimes circumstances dictate that an animal needs to be rehomed.  There's many reasons but one of them isn't because of inattention and especially after 8 years which is a lifetime for some animals.

I'm saddened for this little dog.  I hope he finds a fantastic forever that deserves him and will give to him the love and attention he merits and needs.  Good luck, Stetson.


  1. It sounds as if the mom isn't interested in reforming the little guy! What a freak? Love him or let someone else love him. This is beyond sad. I'm very glad Kait is with you and MaryAnn.

    1. I agree, Jo. This lady has a reputation for "flipping horses". Nothing wrong with that but to treat domestic animals the same way is a travesty. Like I said I hope this little boy finds a forever home that deserves him.


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