Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Wish For You in 2012


"[May] Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small."

Today is the last day is the last day of 2011.  Sure, we'll all  see lots of wishes for a happy and a prosperous and a better New Year over the next few hours.  There's nothing wrong with those greetings and platitudes.  However....

2011 wasn't the greatest year for us at Miniature sales were slow (heck, almost non-existent) and the economy has touched us in all the wrong places.   At the moment, we're struggling but that's okay.  Things will turn around because we know they will. We are blessed with a close family and the constant and unconditional love our animals have for us.

We all have dreams.  At least I hope we all do.  People of  "action" are all dreamers.  Anyone who has become anything on their own hasn't done it by chance. They have worked for it...reaching their goals which started in a kernel of a dream.

Dreaming is hard work.  Well actually, dreaming isn't hard, it's making them happen.  All my life I was told I could do or be anything I want.  That I should "shoot for the stars".  Well, I cruised along through life dreaming big and sometimes, I actually reached some of those dreams but none were handed to me. And that's how it has to be.

We've been given the capacity, by God, by the great Mother, by whatever we believe in to carry a lot.  In fact, I firmly feel that we are never given more than we can handle.   Worrying, like smoking, makes nothing better.  When we worry, we need to reach back to those dreams and believe in who and what we are and, more importantly, who or what we want to become.

There's a difference between wishing and dreaming.  I might wish that I was tall, dark, and handsome---that's never going to happen (well one of them [smile]).  When I dream, I know my strengths and those things that aren't quite a strength.  I know I can learn from my successes and my mistakes.   I know that focusing on those mistakes isn't productive.  I also know that those mistakes may have been placed in front of me as a stumbling block.  Look to the positives and know that reaching a dream is done one step at a time.  One of my favorite expressions is: How do you eat an elephant?  You eat it one bite at a time.  

So, in 2012, DREAM...Dream Big and make those dreams happen.  On the merry-go-round of this life we live there certainly is a brass ring...but in order to get that ring, we have to reach for it.

So, My Wish For You in this new year is that you have one filled with Peace, Joy, Love and SUCCESS in reaching for your dreams!

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  1. What a wonderful way to begin a new year! I predict a number of fairly substantial changes in my life in this upcoming year. Not all is within my control, and that's okay--I'll take what comes and work to make my dreams come true. I left a comment on a blog a few days back and liked it so much that I posted in to my fb page, too. It is my one and only resolution for the year ahead:

    "I will embrace my dreams and nourish them as though they are my children. I will feed and encourage them, provide them with my time and my passion, and love them to the depths of my soul."

    I hope this next year is especially kind to you and yours. ♥


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